Practice Areas

Family Counseling

The happiest people in the world are those with supportive, nurturing, and caring relationships. Indeed, having strong relationships is a necessary condition for flourishing. Yet many individuals struggle with creating and maintaining positive relationships with the closest people in their lives: family.

Counseling for Young Adults

Nearly 25% of American youth are “rudderless.” They want to succeed, but many spend more time and energy going faster in the same direction than they do planning where they want to go. Young adults are finding it more difficult today than ever to find their calling, to identify their strengths and learn how to use what they’re good at to help others. Being generous with one’s skills and talents not only improves our communities and society, but it also provides engagement with the world and a deep, enduring sense of purpose.

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, married, or a parent, life can be stressful. Everyone seems to wish they had more hours in the day to complete their “to-do” list. But when have you completed your list and said, “Okay, now I’m all caught up. It’s time to finally relax.”?

Areas for Improvement

Anger Management


Bipolar Disorder

Career Counseling

Character Strengths

Communication Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Coping Skills

Counseling: Individual and Family


Emotion Regulation

Engagement with Hobbies, Relationships, and Work




Meaning/Purpose in life


Parenting Issues and Support

Parenting Training and Consultation


Positive Health

Positive Relationships

Postpartum Depression

Relaxation Training

School (College) Related Issues

Stress Management

Test Anxiety