Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, married, or a parent, life can be stressful. Everyone seems to wish they had more hours in the day to complete their “to-do” list. But when have you completed your list and said, “Okay, now I’m all caught up. It’s time to finally relax.”?


Because our culture is obsessed with being productive and sees just being as a waste of time, the amount of pressure people feel in their daily lives is staggering, and levels of anxiety and depression seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Some people can manage this—for a while. Over time, however, the stress becomes too much and feelings of sadness, fatigue, confusion, worry, and anger flood their bodies, causing yet something else to be stressed about, thus triggering a downward spiral of negativity.

Dr. Froh’s approach to helping individuals with the strain of everyday life—caused by working too much or in jobs that are unfulfilling, being in shallow relationships, or not having enough time for oneself to do the things that matter most—targets the relief of negative emotions and behaviors. While he uses some traditional psychotherapy strategies to do this, such as cognitive-behavior therapy, his approach is also informed by cutting-edge science in positive psychology. The frequent experience of positive emotions broadens one’s mind, thus building enduring social, intellectual, psychological, and physical resources that can be used in tough times. These resources are also used to trigger upward spirals of positivity, which cause one to flourish. Further, positive emotions undo the damaging effects of negative emotions, bringing one’s body back to baseline. By helping people infuse their lives with positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and positive health, Dr. Froh helps people cope with the negativity they encounter in their life, while simultaneously giving them the skills to become the best version of themselves.