Family Counseling

The happiest people in the world are those with supportive, nurturing, and caring relationships. Indeed, having strong relationships is a necessary condition for flourishing. Yet many individuals struggle with creating and maintaining positive relationships with the closest people in their lives: family.


Common reasons for this include misunderstanding each other’s goals and dreams; failing to seek first to understand then be understood; not making the relationship a priority and forgetting to make deposits in each other’s emotional bank account; poor communication; not having a common enduring purpose; inadequate problem-solving; weak conflict resolution skills; not expressing gratitude; failing to celebrate each other’s successes and savor positive accomplishments and other positive events; invalidation; being untrustworthy; and taking each other’s love for granted.

Traditional psychotherapy will aim to fix the problems to bring the relationships back into balance. But positive clinical psychology, the approach Dr. Froh uses, will help people fix what’s impaired and give them the skills to be proactive to enhance their family relationships, taking them to the next level. Whether it’s parents looking to strengthen their relationships with their children, or couples looking to reignite the passion they once had, Dr. Froh teaches people how to make each other feel like they belong to something to special, something that makes them feel cherished, valued, respected, and loved.