Counseling for Young Adults

Nearly 25% of American youth are “rudderless.” They want to succeed, but many spend more time and energy going faster in the same direction than they do planning where they want to go. Young adults are finding it more difficult today than ever to find their calling, to identify their strengths and learn how to use what they’re good at to help others. Being generous with one’s skills and talents not only improves our communities and society, but it also provides engagement with the world and a deep, enduring sense of purpose.


Knowing the end which one should pursue requires time in the classroom of silence for self-reflection and values clarification. Our world, however, is filled with unnecessary distractions, leaving us with little to no time to find our place in the grand scheme of things. Dr. Froh is here to give young adults that much needed time. Providing a safe, nonjudgmental, and nurturing environment, Dr. Froh helps young adults work through their anxieties and insecurities that restrain them from becoming the best version of themselves.


Difficulties managing school, work, and a social life often makes it tough for many young adults to prioritize planning their futures, including choosing a romantic partner. Many are very confused with knowing what they should look for in a long-term mate. Our culture emphasizes the superficial. But one must look beyond that to have a relationship filled with passion, intimacy, and commitment. Dr. Froh emphasizes the importance of choosing a partner based on shared values and convictions for the things that matter most. He also teaches young adults the skills to initiate and maintain strong, high-quality relationships, such as effective ways to communicate, express appreciation, show love, as well as how to give support during stressful times and in day-to-day activities. Though deciding who to date, get engaged to, or marry can be hard, Dr. Froh helps young adults sort out the important issues so they can pick a partner who supports and encourages them to reach their potential.