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Welcome to Dr. Jeffrey Froh’s professional website. Dr. Froh is a NYS licensed psychologist who has training in clinical and school psychology to help young adults navigate the increasingly complex world they reside. He is a full-time university professor and has worked with people ages 18 and older for 15 years, counseling his students on managing the stress and emotional turmoil related to coping with their many competing demands. Dr. Froh has helped many young adults answer the question, “What do I want to be when I graduate?” Because he is a cognitive-behavior therapist, Dr. Froh’s guidance hones in on the faulty thinking and maladaptive behaviors creating their feelings of anxiety and depression that is often paralyzing, hindering them from becoming independent, fully functioning, happy adults. 



In addition to seeing young adults, Dr. Froh also sees their families when needed, and adults in general. While he specializes with adults in their 20’s, he also provides treatment to parents of children and teenagers, giving parents the training, support, and consultation they need to help resolve parenting issues. He takes a holistic approach and believes that to best help parents reach their emotional and social goals, their difficulties must be considered in the context of their close relationships, namely their families. 


Dr. Froh’s approach, known as positive clinical psychology, uses empirically supported strengths-based strategies that help young adults, their families, and parents not just survive—but thrive! When successful, people leave traditional therapy feeling less anxious, depressed, stressed, or angry. In short, they feel less “bad.” But positive clinical psychology, based on the science of positive psychology, emphasizes that just because we no longer experience negative emotions and behaviors doesn’t mean that we are flourishing. Therefore, in addition to teaching people how to better cope with and manage their difficulties, Dr. Froh teaches young adults, their families, and parents the necessary skills to experience lives filled with joy, gratitude, hope, love, and happiness.  


Dr. Froh, a past associate editor of The Journal of Positive Psychology, is a leading researcher in the field of positive psychology, having published several books and numerous chapters and articles. He also frequently presents to local and national audiences about how to infuse life with not just less negativity—but with more positivity! If you know of a young adult who is struggling with their place in life, a parent who is looking to ease their stress and enjoy their families more, or an adult wanting to manage their anxiety or depression and infuse their life with more meaning and fulfillment, please call Dr. Jeffrey Froh to schedule an appointment. With a warm, genuine, down to earth approach, Dr. Froh will help you or the person you care for live a life filled with passion and purpose.